The Digital Finger

Created a glove using accelerometer ADXL302 on all the fingers. The glove had applications to interpret American Sign Language Interpretation, training for flute and other activities that required finger movements.

This project won 1st award for Open Hardware Project in Impetus and Concepts 2005

Layers - Interactive TV System

"INTERACTIVE TV SYSTEM": Aimed at enhancing on screen display on TV using Digital Signal Processor DM6446 EVM , thus making TV more interactive with the help of applications on On Screen Display. Open source technologies were used to set up the platform and creating application on top of that. It was sponsored by Pune based start up “FERVOR ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. PUNE ”. founded by Mr. Sawan Ruparel and Mr. Aziz Jiwani.

Web application for Aavya Health

Created a software that presents lab results to patients "in an intuitive and engaging format," according to the company. Patients can see how changes in their lifestyle and behaviors would alter their risk for future problems, like a heart attack. Aavya was a runner-up in the Health 2.0 "Boston Big Data Code-A-Thon."

Health ABC

Created a software that allows Parents to manage the healthcare for their kids. Health ABC was a runner-up in the Health 2.0 "Washington, DC Code-A-Thon."